Energy Security, Renewables, and Climate Change

Annual State of RE Report (ASSR)

Annual Status of RE Policy Landscape for RE Market and Industry Trends Off-Grid Solutions Technology Outlook RE and Carbon Intensity

Pakistan Gas sector Strategy

Initial Level Consultations Growth and Challenges Existing opportunities Just Energy Transition

Electric Vehicles

Energy Governance and Market Reforms

Competitive Trading Bilateral Contracts Market (CTBCM)

Power Wheeling in Pakistan

Competitive Bidding of RE

Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

Energy Efficiency

Efficient Lightening Industrial Efficiency Active and Passive Energy Conservation

Industrial Decarbonization

Hard to Abate Sectors Industries in Transition Informal SMEs Just Energy Transition

Green Infrastructure

Grid Modernization Energy Storage Technologies Climate Smart Houses Clean Cooking

Energy Finance

Green Financing Mechanisms

Tools and Instruments Debt Swaps, Green Bonds, De-risking etc. ESG Reporting Carbon Markets Post COP opportunities

Greening CPEC

RE Investments in CPEC Green Financing Guidelines Investment Framework for CPEC

Corporate Investments

Regulatory Frameworks Ease of Green Business Economic Models for Green Projects

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